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Our Auckland Web Design studio offers a complete webdesign and web marketing service. You can trust us with all your web design and web marketing needs. We've been mastering Web Design, SEO, CRO & Web Marketing for Australian and NZ services and ecommerce websites  since 2009. 

Seventy Eight Percent of People Search Online Before Buying 

It all starts with a few words typed into Google. Clickthrough will design you a beautiful website, get it ranking above your competitors in Google's search engine optimisation (SEO) results and drive a healthy return from a range of digital marketing and conversion rate improvement services.



Web Design Myths to Avoid   

Before you Google 'Web design Auckland' and sign up with the first search result, you should be aware the NZ web industry is plagued with web companies and search engine optimisation agencies that fib to get your business. Don't be fooled by a web company that distracts you with pretty pictures. Here's a list of the top 5 web design myths you should research before selecting a web design company. Or email us on to book a place on our free 'web myths' workshops. 


Web Design Myths
Web Myths Debunked
'Free to leave' 
A CMS is used by a web company to build and update content on a website. Selecting the right CMS is critical as you can't change it without rebuilding your website. 
 Avoid lock in 
Select a CMS that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. Be sure to use a CMS that does NOT lock you into a web company. Finally, use a specialist ecommerce CMS for an online webstore.  
'We're SEO experts'
Many website redesigns LOSE visits from search as hundreds of SEO factors are ignored during a web design. Your web company needs a thorough understanding of how to integrate SEO into your new website, or it will fail. 
Check SEO scope 
Review the web companies portfolio and benchmark a few websites against current Google SEO Guidelines. Also clarify what the web company means by 'we will SEO your new website'; chances are it means you'll end up doing the actual SEO yourself.  
'We'll build a secure website'
Thousands of websites get hacked daily. A hacked website is costly to fix and may get removed from the SEO rankings. Some web CMS, especially the cheaper ones, are more vulnerable to being hacked.
Research security & hosting
Find out what CMS your website development company is proposing, then Google 'CMS name + security issues' to research if that CMS has security vulnerabilities. Note: your website hosting package also impacts security and website speed.   
'Build it and they will come'
Website design is sold as a project rather than a program of specialist services. Even updating content requires specialist ongoing effort as it impacts your design, web marketing activity and SEO rankings. 
Get trained in the basics
Find out from your website company if they offer training courses that empower you to manage your website or to manage others. If they offer web services retainer packages then clarify what is included in the contract and the hourly rate.   
'We'll use our account'
A common mistake is to allow your web company to setup your analytics and web marketing systems under their umbrella account. This means you lose your data history if you leave!
Retain data & IP ownership
Ask your web services company to set up your analytics and web marketing systems under an account that you control. That way you keep your data history if you leave. Also clarify who owns the IP of your site.


A Range of Technology Solutions (CMS)

Choosing the right technology platform requires critical considerations such as cost, integration and match to your website and business requirements. Clickthrough works with many website CMS and will select the best platform for your needs. 

SEO and website services

The Drupal open source Content Management System.

website trust factors

Umbraco open source .ASP.NET CMS.

Our Web Design, SEO & Web Marketing Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of small, medium and large websites, digital marketing and SEO projects. The Clickthrough webdesign and SEO model works wonders, from large eCommerce stores to small services websites for local tradesman. eCommerce SEO 


Just launched! Clickthrough worked closely with the Exceed web design team as the SEO services partner with the redesign and replatform of to NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced. We look forward to seeing how the new site rises through Google's rankings!


eCommerce SEO 

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New Autotrader Website zooms ahead 


The new Autotrader website design not only improved its conversion rate but also doubled visitors from organic search, outranking established competitors such as TradeMe for key searcht terms!

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Dan Carter and Air New Zealand go viral 

Clickthrough has delivered many successful digital marketing campaigns, such as the seeding the Air NZ Richard Simmons video to 3 million viewers and managing social media viral marketing campaigns for Healtheries and Dan Carter.

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New Mini Dig Website is its Top Salesman!

The new website shot to first place in Google NZ for high value search terms such as 'mini dig hire Auckland'. Here's what the owner says: “The new website is working too well, we have 17 new jobs to do and growing by the day. Happy days, I just keep on invoicing.”

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Brand new iAssemble website ranks first from day 1!

The brand new iAssemble website launched in late September 2015. It ranked first for key search terms such as 'outdoor furniture assembly Auckland' within a day of launch, allowing the business owners to start receiving immediate payback on their investment. 

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Online Marketing website gets immediate jump in leads

OMA need a new website to generate new lead enquiries. 'We were amazed at how quickly the phone started ringing after the new site went live, we are blown away!" Nigel, owner of The Online Marketing Agency (OMA).

New Pumpt webdesign rockets to first in SEO results

 The new website now ranks first in Google NZ SEO results for high value search terms such as 'letterbox delivery Auckland' and 'letterbox distribution Auckland', generating more leads in the first week than the old website generated in 12 months! 

Auckland Tattoos Webdesign jumps to first for Auckland SEO terms

The new Living Art Tattoos, Auckland tattoo studio website shot to first place in the Google New Zealand organic SEO results NZ for high value search terms such as 'tattoo studio Auckland' and 'tattoos Auckland', generating 1000's more SEO visits. 

Smelly Cat eCommerce website goes mobile!

The Smelly Cat eCommerce website new mobile responsive website is already providing an improved visitor experience and is generating many more visits from organic SEO by ranking first for a range of high value terms. 



New boat storage web design with booking APP surfs to first in Google!

The new Mt Wellington Maring site needed to outrank established competitors in the Google search results. The new website went live in May 2015, with an elegant mobile friendly design, and shot to number 1 for competitive search terms such as 'dry stack boat storage'. 

New House and Land website design jumps to first in Google SEO!

The new Home Living Solutions website was designed using a mobile responsive framework and jumped to first place in Google NZ for high value terms such as 'house land Nelson' within a short period of going live.

New educational website gets a regular supply of SEO enquiries

The new Pro-Ed websites achieve an outstanding 270% growth in visitors from organic SEO in a short period of going live. The owners are delighted with how their new website looks and how it has helped Pro-Ed achieve more online. 



eCommerce website swims to the top of the SEO rankings asked us for a new website with a shopping cart, an online booking system for members to book group fitness classes, and to generate a regular flow of new membership enquiries. The new features were well received by members with visits from organic search growing by over 100%.


New Bauer Trader Classified websites set the pace!

Bauer Media Australia were entering the Australian online classifieds sector and needed 8 new websites to generate a regular flow of lead enquiries from organic SEO. We designed the websites to follow best-in-class usability and SEO standards. The results surpassed expectations with the new websites ranking on page 1 of within a week of launch