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    At Clickthrough, we guarantee the performance of all of our websites - no matter what size, or type."Clickthrough's rebuild of our website has seen a dramatic increase in leads and conversions. Their expertise and professionalism has meant the whole project has been a success from start to finish." Adam
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Auckland Web Design & eCommerce Website Company

Clickthrough is an Auckland based web design company delivering outstanding results for a loyal portfolio of clients across NZ and Australia. Our unique blueprint blends design, copy, SEO and development to achieve rapid growth with websites of all types and size (blogs, eCommerce websites, small business websites and large websites). We also offer a raft of training modules that empower you with skills to grow your business online.

Clickthrough Websites Guarantee Growth

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There's no point designing a website that can't be found online. And there's no point having a website that receives a lot of visits but is poorly designed. 80% of New Zealenders search online before they buy! Clickthrough has mastered the craft of designing great websites that generate sales from the search engines and other online marketing channels while you sleep! We'll even guarantee our results! Read below for an overview of the stepping stones we integrate into all our web designs.

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Your web goals must centre the design

A website without clear goals is like a boat without a rudder. We start by setting S.M.A.R.T goals for your new website and map these to our custom goals template. Your goals direct the design and scoping of your web project to ensure the final product delivers the growth you desire. Your analytics reporting dashboard is then tailored to report on progress against your goals.


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Embed Google quality guidelines, or fail

Over 80% of people search online before buying, yet most new websites drop their search ranking positions! Visitors from the search engines are active and pre-qualified. Many factors must be considered when designing a SEO friendly website. Quite simply, we have to embed best practice SEO within the new website, or it will fail. Clickthrough is a certified Google Partner. Our in-house team of experts specialise in designing user friendly websites that rank well in Google.

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Responsive Design, Development & Hosting

Over 74% of online users research products and services on their phone. Your new website has to be mobile and tablet responsive or it will miss out on a growing number of sales. Our in-house team of developers use a variety of CMS, such as Drupal, WordPress, Business Catalyst and Magento and we offer a range of web hosting services. You can even use your own host.

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Exceptional content closes the sale

Your website design creates an impression and your copy closes the sale! Our professional in-house web copywriters follow a unique methodology to deliver persuasive copy that appeals to your target audience and boosts the website’s SEO rankings. Your new website will be built on a user–friendly Content Management System, enabling you to make easy content updates.

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Custom reporting to ramp up performance

Everything can be tracked online. Though irrelevant data will distract you from achieving your growth targets. Your analytics reporting system needs to push intelligent insights that help you make smart decisions on the move. Clickthrough will setup an automated custom reporting system, using Google Analytics, to track the performance of your website to the goals we define during phase one.

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Web training that puts you in control

Online marketing can be complex to manage and implement. Our suite of web training courses empower you with the skills you need to achieve more online. We offer training across web and SEO copywriting, paid and natural search marketing, Google Analytics, email marketing and analytics management reporting.


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Digital marketing that dominates

We offer a full digital marketing service including email marketing (MailChimp), viral marketing, YouTube seeding, search engine optimisation and paid search marketing, digital display advertising and social media marketing. We know what works and what will be wasteful. We are also adept at designing business cards and other print material such as brochures and pamphlets.

How to select the best web company

Web design is an on-going program, not a once-off project. Success requires a partnership between the web agency, your company and it's marketing strategy. Clickthrough will not only deliver a great design but also provide your business with the maintenance, marketing and training support it needs to make your website work. Read below for key tips on how to select a best web partner.

Don't get locked into a web company

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Some web design companies have a slick sell-in process that locks you in once you’ve signed. Before you agree terms, ask the web company what happens if you decide to leave. Who owns the CMS (platform) that your website will run on? If the web company owns it then what happens if they close or sell out? Can you host the website or are you locked into their hosting? Will the domain name (URL) be registered in your name? 

Custom website designs get the best results

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A Clickthrough web design is custom created from scratch to resonate with the individual styles of your brand and drive better sales conversions. During the design process you can adjust and tailor design elements to suit your needs. We don't use a pre-defined template approach that forces you down a particular design path. Custom design also provides more flexibility for search engine optimisation.

Be wary of large upfront payments to web companies

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Most web design companies demand an upfront payment ranging from 20% to 33%. With Clickthrough, your first payment is made only once you've approved the custom design. This ensures we keep focused on delivering on our promises to you.Your final payment will only need to be made once you've approved the live website.

Websites must be mobile responsive & SEO friendly

Be sure to partner with a web company that has expertise designing websites to be mobile, tablet and SEO friendly. It is more difficult and risky making your website mobile and search engine friendly after it has already been designed. You should include these requirements as part of the project scope. Remember: Search Engine Optimisation needs to be integrated into your design from the outset.